Dissemination and Capacity Building workshop for LeadJordan Project

The workshop was held at Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan

1/1/20241 min read

As part of the project deliverables and dissemination efforts, two separate workshops were organised:

1) 1st workshop was held in Horizons, Reading, UK on 6th Sep 2023 where more than 20 participants participated, face to face and online.

2) 2nd workshop was organised at Hashemite University, Amman, Jordan on 23rd October 2023 which was attended by more than 40 people from the industry, universities, the British Council, and the NGOs.

The face-to-face workshops held in the UK and Jordan invited several experienced academics and industry professionals from both countries. These workshops aimed to build the capacity of participants, demonstrating the benefits of such projects on gender equality and the role of women in leadership, employment, and higher education. The hope was that these workshops would foster the formation of new partnerships.

The workshop related images can be found here: CLICK HERE